Hypnosis Download to Release the Past and Create Your Future


This hypnosis recording has been created so that you can begin to let go of anything that has been weighing you down, or holding you back.  Stress, anxiety, difficulties from the past that are still informing your present state of thinking, experiences that you no longer wish to hold onto, any negativity that has been directed at you.  It is a journey of letting go of everything that you no longer want or need so that you can free yourself and discover more about the true essence of who you are, to feel lighter, brighter and more confident in yourself.

This journey can be used at any time when you need to feel more positive and self-empowered, and to remind yourself of who you really are and how strong you are at the very core of your being.

Travel inside your mind to an ancient mystical woodland, a place of transformation and change, return refreshed, energised and feeling great.

The recording is 32 minutes, and you will get the most benefit from your recording if you use earphones to listen in a quiet, comfortable place.