Hypnosis for Insomnia

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Hypnosis for insomnia can help you to enjoy deep refreshing sleep and get back on track. Are you one of those people who, as soon as your head hits the pillow, you brain seems to go into overdrive? Maybe you … Read More

Hypnosis for Fears and Phobias

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Hypnosis for fears and phobias can help you to overcome even the most unusual of phobia! Most of us at some time in our lives have felt a level of fear around something that we generally consider to be non-threatening. … Read More

What is Hypnosis?

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What is Hypnosis? Hypnosis is an internally focused state of mind and body very similar to the state achieved by following a guided imagery meditation or visualisation, or even the way you feel when completely absorbed in a story within … Read More

Hypnosis for Procrastination

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Hypnosis for procrastination can help you to do it now! If you struggle to complete things, or even get things begun because you keep putting it off until tomorrow is beginning to have a negative affect on your life, then … Read More

Hypnosis for IBS

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Hypnosis for IBS can help to calm and soothe your symptoms. IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome,  is a debilitating condition which has many factors, one of which is anxiety. When the body prepares to flee from threat, and instigates your fight … Read More

Hypnosis for Fear of Flying

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Hypnosis for fear of flying can literally set you free to travel anywhere you wish, free of anxiety! Whether you have always been a little anxious about flying, or you have found that over the years your fear has increased … Read More

Hypnosis for Fear of Driving

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Hypnosis for fear of driving can give you the keys to freedom! If you have been struggling to drive on particular roads, maybe busier roads or motorways, you will know how much additional stress this can bring to your life, … Read More

Hypnosis for Emetophobia

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Hypnosis for emetophobia can release you from this debilitating fear Emetophobia, or fear of vomiting often including the fear of others vomiting may sound to some people like a fairly insignificant condition. However, nothing could be further from the truth. … Read More

Hypnosis for Claustrophobia

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Hypnosis for claustrophobia can help you to feel comfortable and secure in any space To feel a degree of claustrophobia is more common that you may think. It may be that you are nervous about going into lifts, rooms without … Read More

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