Passionate about hypnosis and change work, I have trained in several modalities which continue to form my practice.

Working with clients to help them to overcome and manage anxiety and depression is the area that I have chosen to specialise in. My six week course of sessions, "KEEP CALM AND BEAT ANXIETY" can be tailored to each client's individual needs and gives clients skills for life to overcome anxiety, using a combination of Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy), RCP (Rapid Cognitive Processing) and Kinetic Shift Therapy.


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Recently I have trained to become a practitioner of the HypnoAntiDepressant Programme devised by Psychologist and Author Dr. Sue Peacock and Hypnotherapist, with over 15 years experience, Steve Miller.

This ground breaking programme has allowed me to offer Hypnotherapy to clients whose anxiety has tipped them into a  low mood state with mild to moderate depression. This programme is uplifting energetic change work which helps life clients out of depression in a non-depressing way.


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Kinetic Shift can be used "shift" most emotions that are preventing

clients from moving on and can be categorised as rapid change work,

with some clients noticing immediate changes in their first session.


Each client is unique and individual and we all process emotions and experiences

in our own way, therefore what may take one client a one hour session to gain

resolution, from say a long standing phobia,  may take another client

three or four sessions.

My treatment room is set within a peaceful garden studio in Loughton, Essex

Your confidentiality is assured at all times as is your privacy, you can be confident

that your data is stored with full compliance.

I have a data protection license together with a client privacy notice
and professionally drafted terms and conditions which further outline my commitment
to your confidentiality and obligation to your well-being

hypnotherapy for anxiety loughton essex

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