In my practice which is based in a beautifully relaxing log cabin treatment room in Loughton, Essex I offer clients a combination of complementary therapies.

You can come along for hypnotherapy which is perfect for releasing anxiety, building confidence and putting an end to negative habits/patterns of behaviour.

Crystal Healing and Reiki are deeply relaxing and restoring treatments which re-align your energy and help you to feel calm and grounded.

I work with Integral Eye Movement Therapy, which helps to relieve trauma and PTSD and to let go of negativity from the past which may have been holding you back.

Also, I work with clients who wish to dive deep into their spirituality with past life regression therapy to discover more about their soul’s journey and purpose.






*Anxiety Management

*Overcoming Insomnia

*Stress Reduction

*Boosting Self-Esteem

*Confidence Building

*Breaking Habits/Addictions

*Weight Management



*Fatigue and Low Energy Levels

*Lifting Low Mood

*Resolving Post-Traumatic Stress

*Building Self-Empowerment

*Spiritual Growth

*Managing Life Changes

*Achieving Your Goals

hypnotherapy for anxiety loughton essex